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Week 3 session 1: Command line, modules and functions; FMRI artifacts


Week 3 session 1 recording


  • Again, towards the project.
  • Bracketing Git, Github and working on your own computer.

Some background

You will need to have followed the installation instructions.

In particular, you are about to use your terminal application:

Modules and functions

We start with the laptop way.

FMRI artifacts

The above don’t focus much on fMRI (some coverage of susceptibility distortion), but here are some MRI quality control runs that show some interesting effects:

For homework

Using Git

Watch the following two videos introducing Git in use, but relating what you see to the terms in the curious git tutorial from last week.

I’m referring to the “Git parable” in the videos, which is a similar introduction to the Curious Git tutorial from last week’s homework — but the two tutorials take a very similar track, so you can consider them interchangeable.

Introduction to the git working tree, repository and staging area from Matthew Brett on Vimeo.

The next video is a little out of date, in that the default branch name in Git has changed from “master” to “main”. You will likely find your copy of Git calls the default branch “main”. For “master” read “main” throughout.

The links between git commits, and git branches. from Matthew Brett on Vimeo.

Choosing a text editor

Your second job for this week is to assess and choose a text editor.

Here we a list of videos on choosing text editors:

Please take time for this task, and investigate your options.