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Week 1 session 1: Introduction and tools

The first session is the Monday session. The second session is the Thursday session.

These are the notes for the Monday session.


Recording of Monday Week 1 session 1

Schedule and plan

For homework

If you need to catch up on Python and Numpy, you have a double-dose of homework this week. In particular, you really will need to do the second section here, to get fluent in basic Python and Numpy. If you are already fluent, you only need to do the first section.

Any problems, email, I will point you to someone else who can help if I can’t help you.

For everyone: surviving computer, installing on your own machine

Make sure you have watched:


That’s all for those of you who are comfortable with Python and Numpy. See below for those of you who need to catch up.

If you need practice with Python or Numpy

If you don’t know Python well, we strongly suggest you do these exercises to catch up, otherwise the rest of the course will be too fast. Make sure, too, that you’ve read the fast introduction to Python above.


If you are new to Python, do the expressions and statements exercise.

Next, do these exercises from the Google Python class. There are links in the exercises to the sections to read to revise the ideas you need.

We also suggest you try the slightly more advanced exercises:


(Re-)Read the introduction to Numpy.

For a fuller introduction to Numpy, please see the Scientific Python Numpy tutorial.

Specifically, see:

Make sure you can do the arrays exercise