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Neuroimaging in Practice - Spring 2022

A hands-on live online course on the principles and practice of working with functional brain imaging data

We are recruiting!

Feb 12 · 0 min read

We are recruiting for the Spring 2022 version of the course!

This is a pilot study for a full version of the course. See the main course page for detail.

Please contact one of the instructors by email if you’d like to join.


About the course

See the main course page for an overall description of the course, including a rough schedule of classes.

About this iteration

Please note, this is a pilot version of the course. The first full version of the course will be the Fall 2022 iteration. The Fall version will run from around the beginning of August to the end of September.

Expect the pilot course to be a little rough round the edges, but otherwise complete and coherent. We will use the pilot to make sure we have ironed out any teething problems with technology and organization. Expect the problems to be minor - we have taught similar courses before (see the about page).

When will it be?

The Spring course will run from the week starting 28th March 2022, through May.

Why should I join the pilot?

The advantage to you, in joining this first version of the class, is that we will enroll a much smaller number of students. This will give you a lot more contact time with us, the instructors. You will also have some influence in what we teach and how we teach, because we always find we adapt the materials to the questions and problems that come up.

Who knows, you might also consider becoming a Teaching Assistant for the Fall iteration. You might do this if you want teaching experience, and if you want to learn more from us, your instructors.

How much does it cost?

The pilot course will be completely free.

How much time will it take?

We ask you to commit yourself to:

  • 8 weeks, from the end of March through May 2022.
  • 1 hour per week of independent study, either reading or videos.
  • Two 1.5 hour live sessions on Zoom
  • 1-2 hours per week of homework / group work.

That’s 5-6 hours per week for 8 weeks.

How do I join?

Please contact one of the instructors by email - see the staff page.

We would like you to join in groups of around 3. We believe this will help your learning and engagement with the course; you will learn a lot from each other, as well as from the course.

So, if you can, find your group before you email, and email on behalf of your group, Cc’ing your group members. If you can’t find a group, don’t worry too much, we will try and find you a group to work with.

For our planning, in your email, please also let us know your level of experience in:

  • Coding in general
  • Python coding in particular
  • Neuroimaging